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You Gotta Have Vision

I am working with a young couple and I really have fun helping first time home buyers with the whole home buying process. One of the most important things to remember in the process is you gotta have vision. When you walk into a home it may be perfectly staged and decorated and buyers will think this is the one for us. However, in some cases you can find a fixer upper which might require a little elbow grease with cleaning and a fresh coat of paint and you can make it perfect for your needs. Don’t look at how a house is decorated. Instead, look at how you would utilize the space and how you would use your furniture. See if the layout will work to meet your needs and if the space is functional for you and/or your family. Look beyond the decor and have vision to see if you can invision yourself in the home and how you can put your own touches on the home. Remember, you can make it the perfect home!


Academy Sports and Outdoors in Rock Hill

Let me tell you about an exciting new business that has arrived in Rock Hill! Academy Sports and Outdoors located at Dave Lyle Blvd and Red River Road has officially opened and what a store it is. Over 70,000 sq ft of apparel, sporting equipment, athletic shoes, exercise equipment, camping equipment and even a whole section on barbequing. The store goes on and on and it will be a huge addition to the retail climate growing in Rock Hill. The officil store opening will be March 30 – April 1 and no doubt there will be lots of great deals and special treats for the entire family. With spring here be sure and check out Academy for all your outdoor and sport needs!

Freshen Up For Spring

With spring quickly approaching many of us ponder ways to freshen up our homes and give a sense of new, but with the current economic state not many people can afford to remodel. My wife and I have discovered some easy and inexpensive ways to freshen up our home without going deep into our pockets and a few of these things I wanted to share with you.

Paint. To have the biggest and least expensive impact on a room freshen up with paint. Yes painting can either be a chore you love or hate, but it can be fun and something that does not require a lot of time. Have fun and don’t be afraid of color. We have a rule to try it and if you don’t like it, re-paint. It is not like you have to tear down walls because of structure. It is just paint.

Lamps. I used to tease my wife that she had a fetish for lamps because she was always buying them. On the contrary. We buy lamps that can be used in various rooms so that if you switch out lamps from one room to another it seems like you have “new” and all you really did was move lamps around. You would be surprised the difference it will make in a room. You might even want to try moving a lamp around to a different spot within the same room and you will still get the same effect.

Furniture. Like most of us we have good furniture, but sometimes you just get tired of it and want something new. Again, we you are budgeting this is one of those areas you have to ask yourself if this is a “want” or a “need”. One trick we use is to buy furniture that you can move from one room to another. One time my wife wanted a chaise lounge for the bedroom. Would have been fine, but I doubt it would have been a practical piece of furniture for us to use in another room. Instead we bought a club chair and ottoman. A club chair and ottoman can be used in a bedroom, den, sunroom, living room and even a kitchen nook if you have room. This was a practical purchase with many functions.

So, share your creative ideas and tricks on how you freshen up your home without spending tons of money with a remodeling renovation. Have fun and bring on spring!

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