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Is spring on your mind?

Curb appeal. I am lucky to live in a neighborhood where most of us work hard to have nice curb appeal and an attractive neighborhood. This time of year we all have spring fever and are planning what we need to be doing to get ready for warm weather. Here a few tips to keep in mind as you get your homes ready for spring.

* Prune trees and your shrubs
* Put down lyme and fertilizer in your yard so your yard will be the first to green up this spring
* Spread grass seed if you didn’t do it in the fall
* Be thinking about prepping your flowerbeds with pine straw or mulch
* If you are thinking about adding new plants check with a local nursery for help and guidance before you buy.

Keep in mind that people constantly drive through neighborhoods “looking” to see what is on the market so you want to make sure that your home is attractive and “The One” the people will remember.


Keeping the family together

We work with a lot of clients who move to this area for new careers. Lately, however, we have been working with a number of clients who are relocating to the area to be closer to children and grandchildren. Being close to family is so important and a value that many of us share. This area is a tremendous location to work, raise families and retire and there is so much available for everyone from kids to seniors. If you have family that has mentioned relocating to the area I want to share my website that has numerous useful links may be helpful to gather information on the area and to see what is available in the home market. I am proud of this area and glad to call it home so if I can do anything to help your family move into the area and have a smooth transition please give me a call today.

Our website : http://www.timguilliamsteam.com

Best Time To Sell ?….Best Time To Buy?

Clients always ask us two questions.

1. When is the best time to sell a house?
2. When is the best time to buy a house?

There really is no “best” time to buy or sell. The buyers market has been excellent lately, however, due to low inventory on the market in numerous price points now is also an excellent time to sell. If you have been thinking about selling and you have been on the fence now is the time to put your house on the market. There is a tremendous amount of activity in the market and there are a number of people relocating to this area therefore it is a prime time to have your home on the market. Again, homes at every price point are in demand and with the low inventory of available homes your chance of selling has been greatly enhanced , particularly if you have your home priced accurately.

If you are thinking of selling give me a call and let me help you access the market, determine an attractive sell price and let me help you get your house on the market! Now is the time.

Searching For The Perfect Home

Today there are so many options for potential home buyers and buyers are looking for the most efficient way to search for their perfect home.   Some potential buyers will get in their cars and drive around checking around various neighborhoods particularly if there are neighborhoods they are particularly interested in.   However, today the most used form for a home search is the internet.   There are so many websites available to do searches and often you can do this in the comfort of your home and on your own time.   Our website at The Guilliams Team is an easy way to search for properties currently on the market and we try to provide all the information that we can on each property including many visual tours.   This allows potential home buyers to learn and see what they can about a property to  determine if this is a property you wish to visit.    It would be our pleasure to work with you as you search for your perfect home so if we can help with your search give us a call today at 803-984-7478 and let us show you all the many tools available to help in your search.

To Buy or Not To Buy

In today’s economy there are a number of reasons that people look to buy a new home.   You may be looking for a first home, you may want to take advantage of the low interest rates, you may be getting transferred with a job, you may be wanting to find different schools for your children, you may need more space, etc.   The list of reasons can go on and on.With the lower interest rates that have been available it is a great time to buy and hopefully the lower rates can help folks keep their payments down.Home prices also remain low and the number of houses available on the market is high so it is a great time to be a home buyer.   Having more choices increases your chances of finding the perfect home to meet your needs.Sellers often worry about selling in a “buyer’s market” but there is a positive to this scenario.   If you sell your house for a lower profit, you can offset it by purchasing another home with a lower purchase price that in thriving markets.To help you weigh out the options available give us a call and let us help you determine if this is the right time to buy or sell a home.

Relocating to the Charlotte / York County Area

It is amazing the number of people that continue to relocate to our area with their jobs and to get closer to their family.   Many folks  relocating to the area are trying to figure out where to live which is typical of anyone moving to a new area.   When looking to purchase a home folks should consider distance to work, schools, convenience to many amenities such as shopping, restaurants, hospitals and proximity to interstates.   Many newcomers coming to the area will try to figure out on their own  even though they don™t know much about the area.   Since the purchase of a home is one of the largest purchases a person will make it is important to make the right decision.   This is where the expertise of a Realtor can be your best bet.   Find a fulltime Realtor that is familiar with the area, knows the housing market, knows the available inventory and can even help with referrals to lenders and mortgage companies.   We have helped a number of people from all over the country  and we have  even assisted with several  international relocations.   It would be our pleasure to meet with you and understand the needs of you and your family and be part of helping you find your perfect home.   Give The Guilliams Team  a call today.

Using the internet to find your next home

Times have changed when it comes to finding your new home.   Not to long ago when folks were in the market for a new home they would contact a realtor and drive around for hours looking at homes.   Today time is a precious commodity and people don’t have the time to ride for weeks at a time looking at homes, checking out neighborhoods, clocking mileage to work and schools and so forth.   Today people shop for homes using the internet to help identify what they are looking for in homes and checking out homes with all the visual tours that are available on the various sites.   So many buyers want to get out there and quickly find that perfect home and the internet is a great place to start.   With so many good sites available to buyers a buyer can enter their “wish list” of home features and the computer will find homes that meet most if not all of their wants and needs.   This allows the buyers to shop in the privacy of their own home and then narrow down the number of homes they really want to see.   To help you with your next home search or just to see what is available currently in the marketplace be sure to check out The Guilliams Team  and we look forward to hearing your feedback on our site’s usefullness.

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