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Why We Call Rock Hill Home

Back some 23 years ago my wife Gina graduated from college at NC State and moved from North Carolina to Rock Hill, SC.  At the time she had never heard of Rock Hill even though it was just a few miles south of Charlotte, NC.  Since moving here it is amazing at all the “transplants” to this wonderful community.  Over the years Rock Hill has grown in large part to the reputation of Winthrop University, employment opportunities and the proximity of Charlotte where people desire living in an area that is close to a big city without the traffic and big taxes.   I love meeting people that have stumbled upon this place I call home and it is always fascinating to find out how people end up settling in Rock Hill.  I myself moved from Virginia to Rock Hill and and when our children visit they always talk about the wonderful things that Rock Hill has to offer.

Location is why we call Rock Hill Home. When potential homeowners are looking to buy a property one factor that has been embedded in them is location, location, location.  This is key and certainly an important factor that should be consider when purchasing a home or property.  One of the reasons we chose Rock Hill, SC as our home is the close proximity to Charlotte, NC and all the amenities that come with a large city.  If we drive to Uptown Charlotte it takes less than  30 minutes depending on traffic.  Since the lightrail has opened we really use this form of transportation more that driving all the way into Uptown.  For just $3 for a roundtrip we park at I485 and South Boulevard and take the lightrail if we are going to a Carolina Panthers game, a Charlotte Bobcats game, the Blumenthal Theater for a show or even to some of the many bars and restaurants in Uptown such as Cosmos, Whiskey River, Blue, Merts Soul Food and so many more.  We prefer living in a small college town like Rock Hill so we feel we have the best of both worlds with all the NCAA Sports Winthrop University offers and also the unique shopping experiences, however we have the luxury of large city living if we prefer to head that way.  Can’t go wrong as long as you know about location, location, location

The links below give you the current market of available homes in the Rock Hill area

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Homes for Sale in Rock Hill 100,000 to 150,000

Homes for Sale in Rock Hill 150,000 to 200,000

Homes for Sale in Rock Hill 200,000 to 250,000

Homes for Sale in Rock Hill 250,000 to 300,000

Homes for Sale in Rock Hill 300,000 and above

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