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Rinehart Realty Home Tour Magazine

 I just wanted to touch base with you to wish you a happy Labor Day and to share with you one of the newest marketing tools we have available to our clients. We have developed a Home Tour Magazine that is distributed throughout our area , with over 15000 printed copies in circulation and a digital version used in broad distributions. We feel this will give our client’s homes a tremendous advantage in the current market and it is a free service we offer. We hope you will enjoy the digital magazine attached and feel free to share it with your friends and family who may have a real estate need .


We look forward to hearing your comments and again hope your Holiday weekend is great




The Door Is Open , Its Up To You To Step Through

This may be your  opportunity to live in your dream home! Remember when you bought your current home, you really wanted to buy that dream home, but it was out of reach. With prices lower than never before and interest rates at all time lows ,this may be the time when that dream home is within reach! The money you may “lose” on the sale of your current home you can be more than made up on the ownership of your dream home! Let’s sit down and take a look at your options before this opportunity passes you by for good. The door is open and its up to you to step through and make it happen.

Contact us today at The Guilliams Team

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