Homes For Sale In Lake Wylie

Back in 1986 my wife Gina moved to Lake Wylie, SC and for 2 years that area was home. Talk about paradise. At the time, Lake Wylie was peaceful, quiet, relaxing and tons of fun. Back then there was not much at Lake Wylie, but today it is a whole new world. Restaurants which were popular dining spots are still present today such as  T-Bone’s, but more restaurants have popped up in the area. Today there are also lots of shopping areas, grocery stores, an awesome golf driving range and several other conveniences that just a few years ago were not even thought about are popping up all over the Lake Wylie area. Lake Wylie is still beautiful and peaceful and there is nothing that can compare to lake living. Lake Wylie has something for everyone who desires to be part of this paradise on earth. If you are looking for apartment homes, single family homes, condos, or large estates you can find it on all the shores and the surrounding area of Lake Wylie.

Many people dream of lake living, but most people don’t believe they can afford it. Over the years Lake Wylie has developed into a growing community with neighborhoods affordable at all economic levels. Lake Wylie has also flourished in many ways and now offers such conveniences like shopping, schools, restaurants, doctors and so much more. This attracts potential homeowners looking to invest in property that offers long term returns on their investment. Homes and property is available at all price levels and now is the time to be looking if lake living is something you always dreamed of. Today is the time to make lake living a reality so contact The Guilliams Team for a free map of Lake Wylie and let’s discuss the number of options that are available to potential homeowners and investors. We hope you enjoy the links below.

The links below will give you the current market of available homes in Lake Wylie

Homes for Sale in Lake Wylie under 100,000

Homes for Sale in Lake Wylie 100,000 to 150,000

Homes for Sale in Lake Wylie 150,000 to 200,000

Homes for Sale in Lake Wylie 200,000 to 250,000

Homes for Sale in Lake Wylie 250,000 to 300,000

Home for Sale in Lake Wylie 300,000 and above


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