Sweet Treats at PW’S

During the summer months there is nothing better in the evenings than a special treat of ice cream. In Rock Hill one of our favorite spots to take the family for a sweet treat is PW’s ice cream located on Herlong Avenue about 1/2 mile from Piedmont Medical Center. PW’s features homemade ice cream in a number of flavors, but they have many specialties that you don’t find in many places. My family in particular loves the Concrete which is a delicious concoction of ice cream with special items such as Oreo cookies, Butterfinger, Snickers, M&Ms and so forth mixed in. The ice creams are killer with a big scoop of vanilla ice cream scooped in at the end to keep in nice and thick. Their specialty sundaes feature a number of items sure to please any craving. Don’t forget their ice cream cakes which are to die for if you are looking for an extra special birthday cake or cake to celebrate a special occasion. PW’s is a popular gathering place for families and friends to gather on a nice summer evening or even after a ballgame. Be sure and check out this sweet treat soon. It is worth every decatant calorie.


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