Spring Is In The Air

This weekend my wife and I took advantage of the great weather and spent a great deal of time in the yard. Curb appeal is so important not only if you are selling a home, but wanting your neighborhood to look “kept” and taken care of for other neighbors or folks passing by. There are many simple and impactful measures that homeowners take to make the outside of your home look like it has had a major overhaul.

• Pinestraw or mulch depending what you prefer. The appearance is amazing when you add pinestraw or mulch to your flower beds and planting areas. The cost is minimal when you consider the pricelessness of the results and the labor required is a great form of exercise.
• Wash off the patio furniture. With all the pollen and gunk from the winter months a simple mixture of soap and water and a brush will help your patio furniture spring back to life.
• The wonders of a can of spray paint. Talk about a cheap fix. Each year we spray paint our lamp post and outdoor lights so get rid of the rust and dullness. Quick and easy.
• Plants in pots add great appeal and many of my neighbors are decorating with plants in nice pots verses planting in the ground. Here again you can spend anything you want on pots (and it can get expensive) but buy terra cotta pots and again a can of spray paint and you can work wonders really fast.

We all have neat tips we pick up from friends or Pinterest so feel free to share!


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