It Time To Set Your Clocks Ahead An Hour

It’s that time of the year again: Daylight Saving Time (DST). Time to set your clocks ahead Sunday morning at 2:00 and spring forward one hour.

Its also a great time to:
•Replace your furnace filter
•Clean the kitchen exhaust hood and air filter
•Check your electrical system
•Check or replace your multi-purpose fire extinguishers
•Check the light bulbs in all your fixtures
•Review your emergency escape plan with your family
•Have a professional air conditioning contractor inspect and maintain your system
•Check for roof damage
•Repair all cracked, broken or uneven driveways and walkways
•Protect your home from sewer or drain back-up losses
•Check your water heater
•Check the shutoff valve at each plumbing fixture
•Inspect and clean dust from the covers of your smoke and carbon monoxide alarms, and replace batteries


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