The Little Cafe

Great experience today and we just have to share.  We are working with a terriffic couple relocating to Rock Hill from Ohio.  For lunch today we took them to one of our local favorites for lunch, The Little Cafe.  The Little Cafe has a menu sure to please any appetite whether you are in the mood for breakfast (served all day long), sandwiches, hotdogs or home cooked blue plate specials.  Our clients enjoyed the quaint atmosphere of The Little Cafe and our friendly waitress enjoyed talking to our new friends.  One of our new northern friends ordered an omelet and when it arrived with some of the best grits in these parts she confessed she had never tried grits.  Between us and our waitress we coaxed her into trying them and she did pretty good.  Then our waitress asked her if she liked livermush and she was hesitant and said she had never tried it.  Tim won’t touch it, but Gina and her son love it.  The waitress brought out a perfectly cooked piece and both of our friends enjoyed it and ate it all .  The waitress told them to try it with the grits and both the grits and livermush were eaten!!!!  They even said they would come back for more.  What a way to southernize our new friends.  If you have not checked out The Little Cafe do it soon and be brave it you’ve never tried livermush and give it a try.  I promise you will be pleasantly surprised.  The Little Cafe is open 7 days a week for breakfast, lunch and dinner and is located right on Cherry Road near Love’s Plaza.  Yummy!


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