Empire Pizza 2 – Rock Hill

Besides selling real estate one of my favorite things in life is enjoying great food.  Whenever I hear of new restaurants opening up my wife and I will always check them out especially if they are locally owned and operated.  We do eat at chains, but a family owned business opening up is what we love to support.  One of our newer discoveries is Empire Pizza II.  The original Empire Pizza located off of Celanese Road is a great place to stop and pick up a slice of pizza or great salad, but the second location is one we have really enjoyed with our family.  Empire Pizza II is in the new Wal-Mart plaza in Newport and the restaurant is huge.  There is a large bar area with several TVs so you can enjoy gathering with friends and watch great sport events.  Then there is the food which is out of this world good.  At this location you can get pizza by the slice, but who can eat just one slice?  The pizza and specialty pies are some of the best piies around.  The sandwiches, wings, stromboli and calzones are some of the best around.  My personal favorite is the chicken rolL and I could eat one every day!  If you enjoy a fun environment, great food, outstanding service then be sure and check out Empire Pizza II soon.  Enjoy. 

Website Link: http://www.empirepizzaandbar.com/#/menu-empire-ii/4557234657


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