The Power In The Internet

I continue to be amazed at the power of the internet and  so much of our business is generated by our use of the latest technologies. February ended up being a record month for The Guilliams Team  for the number of searches done on our website for potential buyers.    The internet is a strong tool and we strongly recommend that if folks are not comfortable or familiar with it you need to get that way because it is the future and the future is here.  Not too long ago if folks were looking for a home they would contact a realtor and spend hours at a time driving around looking at neighborhoods and homes.   Today people are so busy and they don’t have the time or the desire to drive around looking.   Buyers are savvy and they use the internet to help them narrow down their searches.   Once they have a few properties they contact their realtor to preview homes.   We work with our buyers as well to understand what is important to them in their home search so that we can research additional properties, but many times the search is narrowed down by the time we go and preview homes.   The internet is a wonderful and remarkable tool and give  The Guilliams Team a call today and let us help you better understand the power at your fingertips.


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