How To Care For Kitchen Appliances

If you think about it we all have several thousands of dollars invested in household appliances.   The hope is that investing in good quality appliances will result in a longer life for them.   In order to keep household appliances operating in optimal condition try this tips.  If your dishwasher has a strainer or scrap bin in the bottom, clear it before running each load.   Periodically pour vinegar and detergent into the machine and send it through a cleaning cycle.   Pull off your refrigerator vent plate, and use a vacuum hose to clean the condenser coils regularly.   While you’re at it, check the door gasket for damage, and use an all-purpose cleaner to keep it residue-free.  Always run your garbage disposal using cold water.   Grind an ice cube through the unit once a week to help clean and sharpen the blades, and   run orange or lemon peels through the system every month to keep it smelling fresh.


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