Why “For Sale By Owner” may be a mistake for you

Whenever homeowners are considering selling their home one of the first questions they ask themselves is should they try to do “for sale by owner” instead of listing with a real estate agent.   This is a fair question and many folks think they can manage the process of selling a home on their own while saving commission to a  Realtor.   Many folks who take this path  quickly become disenchanted  with the process and all that is involved in trying to sell their home.  The truth is a real estate agent can help homeowners from the beginning of the process by gathering information such as comps in the area, analyzing home trends, make recommendations to get your home ready to sell and more than anything market your home.   Potential buyers these days are fully utilizing the  internet  to do home searches and folks trying to sell a home on their own will not have the access to meet the mass number of folks that are surfing the  internet  each and every day.  Realtors utilize a number of sites and can make sure your home is being exposed to as many folks as possible. In  addition  the   process of managing showings including having constant access for buyers is very critical in the  selling  process. Buyers will cross homes off their lists quickly if they cant get access to homes on their terms. With the large  inventory  of  homes on the market For Sale by Owners properties can miss out quickly  on  buyers  due to communication issues.    Statistics show that sellers who list with an agent sell their home 20% faster and for a much higher price than those that try to sell themselves.   For sale by owner can work, but you need to understand the pros and cons of the process.   Give us  The  Guilliams  Team  a call today for a free consultation and let us help you determine what is the best way for you to sell your home


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