To Buy or Not To Buy

In today’s economy there are a number of reasons that people look to buy a new home.   You may be looking for a first home, you may want to take advantage of the low interest rates, you may be getting transferred with a job, you may be wanting to find different schools for your children, you may need more space, etc.   The list of reasons can go on and on.With the lower interest rates that have been available it is a great time to buy and hopefully the lower rates can help folks keep their payments down.Home prices also remain low and the number of houses available on the market is high so it is a great time to be a home buyer.   Having more choices increases your chances of finding the perfect home to meet your needs.Sellers often worry about selling in a “buyer’s market” but there is a positive to this scenario.   If you sell your house for a lower profit, you can offset it by purchasing another home with a lower purchase price that in thriving markets.To help you weigh out the options available give us a call and let us help you determine if this is the right time to buy or sell a home.


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