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Ledo Pizza in Rock Hill

You know whenever I discover something new I have to share with my friends especially when it relates to food. Let me tell you about a new restaurant in Rock Hill that is bound to become a family favorite. Ledo Pizza has opened on Herlong Avenue across from Fatz Cafe and it is the perfect place to gather with family and friends. The menu is extensive and the prices are extremely reasonable. If you crave exceptional pizza, delicious salads, and authentic Italian favorites such as chicken parmesan, chicken alfredo, calzone, lasagna, spaghetti, specialty sandwiches and so much more , then check out all the offerings at Ledo Pizza today. The Rock Hill location is the first in South Carolina and the 100th restaurant in the US. Stop by and let Andrew and his incredible staff introduce you and your friends to the Ledo experience!


The Door Is Open , Its Up To You To Step Through

This may be your  opportunity to live in your dream home! Remember when you bought your current home, you really wanted to buy that dream home, but it was out of reach. With prices lower than never before and interest rates at all time lows ,this may be the time when that dream home is within reach! The money you may “lose” on the sale of your current home you can be more than made up on the ownership of your dream home! Let’s sit down and take a look at your options before this opportunity passes you by for good. The door is open and its up to you to step through and make it happen.

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Clean Windows

Everyone knows that maintaining the appearance of your home is a must, but one area we tend to skip over are the windows.   Let me tell you about a miracle that we have discovered.   Major Levister who owns and operates Clean Windows is FABULOUS!!!!   I didn’t think my windows were bad until Major came to clean them and OMG!!!   Talk about sparkling.   I could not believe the difference that it made.   Major and his team came in and with great care cleaned inside and outside on our windows, plus the transoms I have and even cleaned my foyer light fixture that is two stories up.   That really shocked me when he cleaned that light fixture and the bulbs and the difference in the brightness was unbelievable.   Very reasonably priced and a person I have used several times and trust to recommend to others.   If you need someone that is GREAT to help bring your windows back to life give Major a call at 803-209-6236  and have him come give you a quote today.   It is worth every penny!!!!

Arts and Entertainment in York County

York County has so much to offer to residents and visitors and unfortunately many of the offerings go undiscovered.   We would like to share with you some of the wonderful activities that we enjoy and hopefully you can enjoy with your family and friends. One hidden gem in York County is Historic Brattonsville which is a 775-acre living history village and Revoluntionary War battlefield site which features 29 historic structures and programs chronicling the development from 1750s to the 1840s.   There is a heritage farm program that includes the preservation of rare breeds of farm animals.   Also available to enjoy are trails to hike, bicycle or horseback riding.   Special events include a Battle reenactment, Historic Brattonsville Craft Fair and a Christmas Candlelight Tour.   For more information on activities offered at Historic Brattonsville or other areas of interest in York County contact   The Guilliams Team.

York County , South Carolina

York County is consists of 685 square miles and nine municipalities which make this the South Carolina’s fourth most populated county.   Though the county maintains a thriving business climate with investment by numerous national and international firms, the region retains much of its rural character, particularly in the western portions.   The largest city, Rock Hill, remains the commercial and financial center of York County, but each of the others, including Fort Mill, Tega Cay, Clover, Hickory Grove, McConnells, Sharon, Smyrna and York, along with the Lake Wylie community, is vital in its own way.

York County boasts an industrial base with a strong blend of heavy and light industries, service businesses and professionals, as well as access to rail, freight and international travel, and state-of-the-art medical facilities.   All the various areas of York County are conveniently located to large cities such as Charlotte, NC which make the opportunities limitless depending on what folks are searching for.   York County offers amenities suitable for any person or family looking for a desirable area to call home.   Give us a call and let us show you all York County has to offer.

Charanda Mexican Grill and Cantina

For those of you that know me you know that when we eat out we typically stay away from chains, but there is one chain that is on the top of my favorite places to eat in Rock Hil is Charanda Mexican Grill & Cantina in the Walmart Plaza in Newport.  My family loves Mexican food and we all enjoy experimenting with various dishes.  The staff at Charanda’s is tremendous and we also ask for their recommendations on what to order and they have never once led us astray and this includes some of the specialty margaritas.  The atmosphere is friendly and the restaurant is well designed and always clean.  They have a steak burrito which is one of my wife’s favorite and I have too many favorites to just pin point one favorite dish.  That is probably the appeal with Charanda’s because they have such a great menu selection.  If you are looking for a great place to eat with the family or gather with friends then be sure to check out the great food at Charanda’s and enjoy some of the best Mexican food in York County!

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Empire Pizza 2 – Rock Hill

Besides selling real estate one of my favorite things in life is enjoying great food.  Whenever I hear of new restaurants opening up my wife and I will always check them out especially if they are locally owned and operated.  We do eat at chains, but a family owned business opening up is what we love to support.  One of our newer discoveries is Empire Pizza II.  The original Empire Pizza located off of Celanese Road is a great place to stop and pick up a slice of pizza or great salad, but the second location is one we have really enjoyed with our family.  Empire Pizza II is in the new Wal-Mart plaza in Newport and the restaurant is huge.  There is a large bar area with several TVs so you can enjoy gathering with friends and watch great sport events.  Then there is the food which is out of this world good.  At this location you can get pizza by the slice, but who can eat just one slice?  The pizza and specialty pies are some of the best piies around.  The sandwiches, wings, stromboli and calzones are some of the best around.  My personal favorite is the chicken rolL and I could eat one every day!  If you enjoy a fun environment, great food, outstanding service then be sure and check out Empire Pizza II soon.  Enjoy. 

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The Little Cafe

Great experience today and we just have to share.  We are working with a terriffic couple relocating to Rock Hill from Ohio.  For lunch today we took them to one of our local favorites for lunch, The Little Cafe.  The Little Cafe has a menu sure to please any appetite whether you are in the mood for breakfast (served all day long), sandwiches, hotdogs or home cooked blue plate specials.  Our clients enjoyed the quaint atmosphere of The Little Cafe and our friendly waitress enjoyed talking to our new friends.  One of our new northern friends ordered an omelet and when it arrived with some of the best grits in these parts she confessed she had never tried grits.  Between us and our waitress we coaxed her into trying them and she did pretty good.  Then our waitress asked her if she liked livermush and she was hesitant and said she had never tried it.  Tim won’t touch it, but Gina and her son love it.  The waitress brought out a perfectly cooked piece and both of our friends enjoyed it and ate it all .  The waitress told them to try it with the grits and both the grits and livermush were eaten!!!!  They even said they would come back for more.  What a way to southernize our new friends.  If you have not checked out The Little Cafe do it soon and be brave it you’ve never tried livermush and give it a try.  I promise you will be pleasantly surprised.  The Little Cafe is open 7 days a week for breakfast, lunch and dinner and is located right on Cherry Road near Love’s Plaza.  Yummy!

Micheals Rock Hill Grille

If you are looking for a unique and one of a kind restaurant then check out Michael’s Rock Hill Grille.  Michael’s offers a menu that will satisfy any appetite whether large or small.  The casual atmosphere will give diners the sensation they are in the islands and the relaxing feel of the restaurant is pleasing whether having an intimate dinner for two or a larger gathering.  Menu items include salads, sandwiches, pasta dishes, succulent steaks, fabulous chicken dinners, seafood extraordinaire and so much more.  The prices for the quantity and quality of food served to diners are unbelievable starting at $6.99 and up to $22.95.  The owners, Mike and Elizabeth, work hard to ensure the dining experience is top notch and the food is unmistakably the best that Rock Hill has to offer.  Michael’s Rock Hill Grille is located in a quaint location on Charlotte Avenue so for lunch or dinner give this restaurant and try and make it one of your own favorites.


Credit Facts

A very important part of your credit education is staying on top of credit facts in the news. This week we will take a look at things that are happening right now that affect your total financial future.

According to Nurido News, There are a lot of myths about the credit score. Many people tend to think that some credit activities can lower their credit score. Here are a few facts about your credit score.

Checking your credit report does not deteriorate your credit score: Checking your own credit report goes down in the credit report as a soft inquiry and hence does not affect your credit score. However if a lender or a credit card company checks your credit report, it goes down as a hard inquiry and may cost you five points. But another important fact to be kept in mind is that all the inquiries in a 14-day period are considered as a single inquiry. The credit score rating system also does not take into consideration all the inquiries made within a period of 30 days before the day the credit score is to be computed.

Closing old accounts does not improve your credit score: Many lenders might tell you to close old accounts that are not in use. But doing this simply robs you of a long credit history and more percentage of your total credit limit is used up if you close your account.

Your FICO score is all you need: All the three major credit bureaus give you a FICO credit score rating formula. So your FICO score says all about your credit score and you don’t need to bother to look for something else to calculate your credit score. Using the FICO Credit Score Rating System, the credit bureaus give you a credit score. However the names for these credit scores are different at these bureaus. At Equifax, they call it Beacon credit score. At TransUnion, they call it Empirica. At Experian, it is called Experian/Fair, Isaac Risk Model.

The reason that you get different credit scores from all the bureaus is that reports of some credit activities performed by you is sent to one bureau and some to other. But more or less your credit score is the same.

Credit counseling does not hurt your score: The FICO credit score rating system does not take into consideration any reference to credit counseling in your report. In fact if you are facing troubles managing your finances then you can try credit counseling. It does not go down as a negative in a credit report.

The perfect way to improve your credit score is of course the simplest of them all – pay your bills on time. Rid yourself of credit score myths and start your credit improvement stint as soon as possible.

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